Special places, and the need to protect

We all have them.

Hunting and fishing spots that hold special meaning for us.

A trout stream where we first learned to fly fish, and that remains our favorite even though we’ve explored many streams since.

Or maybe there’s a public forest nearby where the deer hunting just seems to get better and better.

These places change over time, because that’s what nature does.

Sometimes change comes from man.

It can be productive and positive.

Or not.

We need to know the difference, and act accordingly.

Today Trout Unlimited is getting started with the launch of it’s 10 Special Places report, which will highlight areas in the East where ongoing or potential natural gas drilling activities could impact the landscape.

The spots will be announced weekly this fall, culminating in the release of the full report in December.

This week’s report focuses on the Upper Delaware River watershed.

The Upper Delaware system provides some of the best trout fishing in the East, growing big and strong rainbows and browns.

Convenient to major population centers, including New York City and Philadelphia, the river lures anglers in droves and is an important economic engine.

Of course there’s also the fact that the reservoirs provide drinking water to New York City.

The land in the watershed offers excellent hunting for big game such as white-tailed deer and black bear, and for small game such as grouse and wild turkey.

It is a special place.

Trout Unlimited promotes responsible energy development. But TU also believes there are some areas that are so extraordinary that gas drilling should be limited or, perhaps, even prohibited.

Should gas drilling be allowed in the Upper Delaware watershed? If so, what kind of restrictions should be put in place to ensure that the area’s outstanding natural resources aren’t put at risk?

The report poses these questions, and offers suggestions about what sportsmen and women can do to ensure that the Upper Delaware remains the gem it is today.



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